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What is female Intimate Surgery?
The intimate surgery aims to bring the techniques and benefits of plastic surgery to the female intimate area in order to minimize aesthetic complaints or discomfort caused by excesses in the vulva region, labia majora or labia small.
What anesthesia will be held?
Surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia with sedation. Another possibility would be epidural with sedation.
Drains will be placed?
This surgery drains are not used.
How is the post-operative period?
Swelling and bruising (bruises) may occur and tend to regress within 2 weeks.
Pain is usually well controlled with common analgesics and tends to relieve well after the 3rd day after surgery. You can return to work in about 3-5 days postoperatively. Physical activities are suspended for about 2 weeks. Sexual activities should be avoided for three weeks.
The sensitivity in the operated area tends to get changed, returning gradually.
They can be used resorbable spots or dots are removed at about 5 to 7 days.
What are the possible complications for this surgery?
The ninfoplastia usually has a good postoperative evolution with scientific studies showing a significant improvement in self-esteem and quality of life after the procedure, but like any surgical procedure carries risks. Possible complications referred to by the medical literature include: hematoma, infection, seroma (accumulation of fluid), anesthetic risks, poor wound healing, prolonged edema, dehiscence of points (wound opening), prolonged pain, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac complications, pulmonary complications and the need for new surgical procedure review.
When it reaches the end result?
Female intimate surgery (ninfoplastia) has shown high levels of satisfaction to treat the physical discomfort and often the psychological trauma caused by excess tissue in intimate areas. The end result is usually observed in about 6 weeks after the procedure.
The various elements involved in the surgery as surgical time, type of anesthesia indicated, risks and post-operative care will vary in technique and characteristics of the patient, and will be appropriately discussed in the consultations prior to the procedure.
Every surgery carries with it the possible need for further proceedings seeking the best result.
These guidelines represent an overview and may change depending on the case. All questions must be fully clarified in consultations prior to surgery.