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Liposuction is a surgical procedure developed by French surgeon Yves Gerard Illouz that will remove unwanted fat accumulations in order to sculpt and improve body contour. Among the areas that can be treated include: abdomen, back, thighs, arms and neck.
When first introduced to the medical society in the Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery in 1980 liposuction generated suspicion, but over time proved to be a safe procedure and that, when well indicated, leads to excellent results, eventually becoming one of the most surgeries performed worldwide.
Despite being a theoretically simpler procedure than a conventional tummy tuck it is a surgical procedure and should be viewed with all seriousness and should only be performed by plastic surgeons and adequate surgical environment .
The scars are small, and through them the cannulas are introduced where fat is aspirated. The type of anesthesia and the need for hospitalization will depend on the amount of fatty tissue to be aspirated and characteristics of the patient.

Anesthesia can be local, epidural or general depending on the volume to be aspirated and patient's personal characteristics to be considered at the first consultations.
The duration of the surgery will depend on the volume and areas to be suctioned.
Liposuction can be associated with injection of fat as grafting for correction of small areas of depression or where you want greater projection, seeking a better body contour. This technique is known as liposculpture.
Preoperative guidelines:
Should be discontinued at least ten days before surgery: Aspirin (ASA), Ginko biloba and vitamin E.Todas other medications and herbal medicines in use should be discussed with the surgeon and clinical in consultations prior to surgery.
The cigarette should be avoided month before surgery until at least a month after the procedure.
All diseases, previous surgeries and allergies should be reported to the surgeon and clinical.
Every surgical procedure carries risks that depend on the appropriate surgical care as infection, seroma, contracture, hematoma among others. All the risks and possible complications should be discussed in consultations prior to surgery. Talk to your surgeon and inquire through the videos and articles.
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